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4 trans 4 pentylcyclohexyl benzoic acid

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  • 4-trans-Ethylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (2PCA) CAS 87592-41-4 99.5%

    Contact Now4-trans-Ethylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (2PCA) CAS 87592-41-4 99.5%4-trans-Ethylcyclohexyl benzoic acid(2PCA) Synonyms: 4-(4-ethylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; 4-(Trans-4-Ethylcyclohexyl)Benzoic Acid;2PCA CAS No: 87592-41-4 Molecular Formula: C15H20O2 Application: Liquid crystal monomer synthesis of raw materials. Purity:99.5%Read More

  • 1,4-naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid CAS 605-70-9 98.5%

    Contact Now1,4-naphthalenedicarboxylic Acid CAS 605-70-9 98.5%1,4-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid Synonyms:Naphthalene-1,4-dicarboxylic acid; 1,4-Naphthalic acid; CAS No: 605-70-9 Molecular Formula: C12H8O4 Properties: Light yellow powder. Soluble in ethanol is blue fluorescence, insoluble in water. Application: Effect of dye intermediates,plastics processing AIDS.Used in the production of fluorescent whitening agent,dye intermediates,etc. Purity: 98.5% Purity: 98.5%Read More

  • 4-Propylbenzoic Acid (3BA) CAS 2438-05-3 99.5%

    Contact Now4-Propylbenzoic Acid (3BA) CAS 2438-05-3 99.5%4-Propylbenzoic acid,CAS No.2438-05-3, 99.5% min.White crystalline,used for liquid crystal materials and intermediates. Synonyms: 4-n-Propylbenzoic acid; P-Propylbenzoic acid; p-n-Propyl benzoic acid; 3BA.Molecular Formula: C10H12O2Read More

  • 4-trans-propylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (3PCA) CAS 65355-29-5 99.5%

    Contact Now4-trans-propylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (3PCA) CAS 65355-29-5 99.5%4-trans-propylcyclohexyl benzoic acid(3PCA) Synonyms: 4-(4-propylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; 4-(trans-4-n-Propylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; trans-4-Propyl Cyclohexyl Benzoic Acid; 3PCA CAS No: 65355-29-5 Molecular Formula: C16H22O2 Application: Liquid crystal monomer synthesis of raw materials. Purity:99.5%Read More

  • 4-Pentylbenzoic Acid (5BA) CAS 26311-45-5 99.5%

    Contact Now4-Pentylbenzoic Acid (5BA) CAS 26311-45-5 99.5%4-Pentylbenzoic acid,CAS No.26311-45-5, Purity 99.5% min, White crystalline,Used for liquid crystal intermediates. Molecular Formula: C12H16O2,Synonyms: 4-pentyl-benzoicaci;4-n-Pentylbenzoic acid; p-Pentylbenzoic acid; 4-Amylbenzoic acid; p-Amylbenzoic acidRead More

  • 4-Butylbenzoic Acid (4BA) CAS 20651-71-2 99.5%

    Contact Now4-Butylbenzoic Acid (4BA) CAS 20651-71-2 99.5%4-Butylbenzoic acid (4BA) Synonyms: 4-n-Butylbenzoic acid; p-Butylbenzoic acid; 4-n-Butylbenzoic acid CAS No: 20651-71-2 Molecular Formula: C11H14O2 Properties: White crystalline. Application: Used for liquid crystal materials and intermediates...Read More

  • 4-Ethylbenzoic Acid (2BA) CAS 619-64-7 99.5%

    Contact Now4-Ethylbenzoic Acid (2BA) CAS 619-64-7 99.5%4-Ethylbenzoic acid,CAS No.619-64-7,99.5% min.white crystalline,used for liquid crystal materials and intermediates,also can be used for initiator of carbon nanotubes material,also can be used in the production of pesticides. Synonyms: P-Ethylbenzoic acid; P-Ethyl benzoic acid; 2BA. Molecular Formula:C9H10O2Read More

  • 4-Isopropylbenzoic Acid CAS 536-66-3 99.5%

    Contact Now4-Isopropylbenzoic Acid CAS 536-66-3 99.5%4-Isopropylbenzoic acid,CAS No.536-66-3,99.5% min.White crystalline,used for liquid crystal materials and intermediates and pharmaceutical intermediates.Synonyms: p-cumic acid; Cuminic acid; 4-propan-2-ylbenzoic acid Molecular Formula: C10H12O2Read More

  • 4-trans-pentylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (5PCA) CAS 65355-30-8 99.5%

    Contact Now4-trans-pentylcyclohexyl Benzoic Acid (5PCA) CAS 65355-30-8 99.5%4-trans-pentylcyclohexyl benzoic acid(5PCA) Synonyms: 4-(4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; 4-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; 4-(trans-4-n-Pentylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid; 5PCA CAS No: 65355-30-8 Molecular Formula: C18H26O2 Properties: White crystalline powder. Application: Liquid crystal monomer...Read More

  • 2-Naphthoic Acid CAS 93-09-4 99%

    Contact Now2-Naphthoic Acid CAS 93-09-4 99%2-Naphthoic acid Synonyms:naphthalene-2-carboxylic acid; 2-Naphthalenecarboxylic acid; beta-Naphthoic acid CAS No: 93-09-4 Molecular Formula: C11H8O2 Properties: White flake or needle crystal. Melting point is 185.5ºC, boiling point 300 ºC. Soluble in alcohol and ether, slightly soluble in hot water. Application: Used as intermediates in organic synthesis and plant growth regulator.Used as plant growth regulator.Also,used as a plant growth stimulant. Purity: 99%Read More

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