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The Main Role Of Food Additives(2)

Keep nutrition

Maintain improved nutritional value

The proper addition of some food nutrition enhancers to the natural nutrient range in food processing can greatly improve the nutritional value of food, which is important for preventing malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, promoting nutritional balance and improving people's health.

Easy to supply

Increase variety and convenience

The market has more than 20,000 kinds of food for consumers to choose, although most of these food production through a certain packaging and different processing methods, but in the production process, some color, fragrant, taste and taste of the product, mostly different To add a degree of coloring, flavoring, seasoning and even other food additives. It is these a lot of food, especially the convenience of food supply, to people's lives and work to bring great convenience.

Easy to process

Convenient food processing

In the food processing using defoamers, filter aid, stabilization and coagulant, etc., may be conducive to food processing operations. For example, when the use of gluconic acid delta lactone as a tofu coagulant, can facilitate the mechanization and automation of tofu production.


Other special needs

Food should meet the different needs of people as much as possible. For example, people with diabetes can not eat sugar, you can use non-nutritious sweeteners or low-energy sweeteners such as sucralose or aspartic acid methyl ester made of sugar-free food supply.

There are also enterprises to develop their own standards of additives in the industry leading enterprises is developed not allowed to add preservatives, sodium cyclamate, pigments, spices.

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