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Spirulina Powder Nutrition

Scientific research shows that: Spirulina’s nutrient content is the most abundant, the most comprehensive and balanced in all the organisms. it is composed of the following biochemical characteristics:

[Protein]Its content reaches as high as 60% -70%, from 18 kinds of amino acid composition. In them, eight kinds of amino acids is essential to human and can not be synthesized. Spirulina is the best treasure of mankind.

[Vitamin] It include more than 10 kinds of vitamins and has a very rich content. The B12 is now known to the highest levels of organisms, more than 3.5 times compared to the liver of animals. The B12 is the best catalyst in human blood. Spirulina’s β-carotene content is the highest of all natural food, with anti-cancer, and enhance the body's immune function and the role of anti-aging.

[Minerals]It is rich in many kinds minerals that is beneficial to the body, such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, potassium, magnesium, iodine and so on. These minerals which combined with the organic is easy to be absorbed and used for the human body.

[Fatty acid] It contains the fatty acids that is essential to human and can not be synthesized: γ-linolenic acid and linoleic acid. It has the role of reducing blood fat and softening the function of blood vessels. In nature, only the spirulina and the breast milk is rich in γ-linolenic acid and can be absorbed into the body directly.

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