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Product Feature Of Xanthan Gum RD


Xanthan gum RD is a rapid dispersible xanthan gum. It is suitable for use in food and food preparations as a stabilizer, thickener or emulsifier.

In the hydration process of Xanthan gum, the dispersion speed and hydration speed are the key factors. In general, the smaller the xanthan particles, the faster the hydration, but the slower the dispersion; large particle xanthan gum has faster dispersing speed, but needs longer hydration. Xanthan gum RD type can solve this problem well. When the product dissolves, it will disperse rapidly in water and completely combine with water to swell, which will greatly improve the hydration speed and xanthan gum utilization rate, avoid formation of glue groups, save dissolution time and improve production efficiency.

We export Xanthan gum RD to Europe with the best quality and favorable price. We are expecting become your long team partner in China.

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