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Performance Analysis Of Titanium Dioxide In Plastics (2)

Most titanium dioxide particles used in plastics are finer in size. Usually, the particle size of titanium dioxide used for coating is 0.2-0.4 μm, while the particle size of titanium dioxide used in plastics is 0.15-0.3 μm, so that the blue phase can be obtained. Most yellow-phased resins or yellowing resins have a masking effect.

Titanium dioxide for ordinary plastics is generally not surface-treated, because conventional inorganic titanium dioxide coated with hydrated alumina is used. When the relative humidity is 60%, the adsorption equilibrium water is about 1%. When the plastic is extruded at high temperature, During processing, moisture evaporation causes pores on smooth plastic surfaces. This non-organic coated titanium dioxide is generally subjected to organic surface treatment (polyols, silanes or siloxanes) because titanium dioxide is used in plastics. Unlike the titanium dioxide used for paints, the former is processed in a low-polarity resin by shear force mixing. The titanium dioxide after organic surface treatment can be dispersed well under appropriate mechanical shearing force.

With the continuous expansion of the application of plastic products, many outdoor plastic products, such as plastic doors and windows, building materials and other outdoor plastic products, have high requirements for weather resistance, in addition to the need to use rutile titanium dioxide, but also need to be surface treatment, This 

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