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Applications Of P-isopropyl Benzoic Acid

P-isopropyl benzoic acid, CAS 536-66-3, it is an important fine chemical, which has many applications in polymer material, oil improvement, liquid crystal display, medicine and pesticide. For example, P-isopropyl benzoic acid is used as raw material for the synthesis of high polymer thermal resistance, as preservative, preservative, moth-proofing agent and termite proofing agent in the wood industry, as well as corrosion inhibitor for waste water treatment and automobile ant freezing agent to avoid cleaning flux. Especially in recent years for P-isopropyl benzoic acid in medicine has been widely used in chemical industry, is an important chemical intermediate raw materials, such as anti-diabetes drugs that Glenn Nye and in phase Ⅱ first clinical selective Cariporide NHE 1 inhibitor, on for synthesis of isopropyl benzoic acid as raw materials.


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