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  • Bismuth CAS 7440-69-9 99.0-99.9999%
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    Bismuth CAS 7440-69-9 99.0-99.9999%

    Bismuch 99.0-99.999% CAS NO: 7440-69-9 Molecular formula: Bi Property: Powder, Granule, Sheet, Target. Application: Mainly used for the preparation of compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, electronic refrigeration element, thermoelectric conversion element and liquid...Read More
  • Chromium CAS 7440-47-3 99.0-99.9999%
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    Chromium CAS 7440-47-3 99.0-99.9999%

    Chromium 99.0-99.9999% CAS NO: 7440-45-1 Molecular formula: Cr Property: Powder, Granule, Piece, Target. Application: Apply to welding materials, vacuum coating, plasma spraying, hot isostatic pressure target material, hard alloy, diamond tools, stainless steel, ceramics and...Read More
  • Cobalt CAS 7440-48-4 99.0%-99.9999%
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    Cobalt CAS 7440-48-4 99.0%-99.9999%

    Cobalt 99.0-99.9999% CAS NO: 7440-48-4 Molecular formula: Co Property: Powder, Granule, Plate, Target. Application: As an important material for the preparation of magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording head, photoelectric device and magnetic sensor and integrated...Read More
  • Copper CAS 7440-50-8 99.0%-99.9999%
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    Copper CAS 7440-50-8 99.0%-99.9999%

    Copper 99.0-99.999% CAS NO: 7440-50-8 Molecular formula: Cu Property: Powder, Rod, Wire, Sheet, Target. Application: Widely used in cutting-edge technologies such as electronics, communications, superconductivity, and aerospace. Purity: 99.0-99.999% Size: According to the...Read More
  • Nickel CAS 7440-02-0 99.0%-99.999%
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    Nickel CAS 7440-02-0 99.0%-99.999%

    Nickle 99.0-99.999% CAS NO: 7440-02-0 Molecular formula: Ni Property: Powder, Pellet, Wire, Sheet, Target. Application: Mainly for the production of high purity sputtering target material, magnetic thin film, metal particles, special electronic materials and alloy materials...Read More
  • Tin CAS 7440-31-5 99.0%-99.999%
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    Tin CAS 7440-31-5 99.0%-99.999%

    Tin 99.0-99.999% CAS NO: 7440-31-5 Molecular formula: Sn Property: Powder, Granule, Ingot, Target. Application: Mainly used for the preparation of compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, cryogenic cooling alloy, superconducting material, solder and dopant of compound...Read More
  • Zinc CAS 7440-66-6 99.0%-99.999%
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    Zinc CAS 7440-66-6 99.0%-99.999%

    Zinc 99.0-99.999% CAS NO: 7440-66-6 Molecular formula: Zn Property: Powder, pellet, Ingot, Target. Application: Mainly applied for making compound semi-conductor, making basic material for ZnxCd1-xTe、ZnP、ZnS、ZnSe、ZnTe、ZnSb, ruducing agent , alloy and precision casting in...Read More
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