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  • Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate
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    Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate

    Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate CAS NO.14692-29-6 Molecular formula: SrC4H6O4 · 1 / 2 H2O Properties: White crystal powder. Content: 99.2% min. Application: Used in medicine (anthelmintic), also used as chemical reagent, or used in the manufacturing of high-grade strontium salt...Read More
  • Strontium Nitrate CAS 10042-76-9
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    Strontium Nitrate CAS 10042-76-9

    Strontium Nitrate,CAS NO.10042-76-9, Sr(NO3)2 content 99.0% min.White or light yellow cubic crystal,Used to produce red fireworks,signal flares,burner inner liner,analytical reagent,optical glass,LCD glass substrate,and fire fighting reagents such as aerosol,cathode material...Read More
  • Strontium Acetate CAS 543-94-2
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    Strontium Acetate CAS 543-94-2

    Strontium Acetate CAS NO:543-94-2 Molecular formula:SrC4H6O4· 1 / 2 H2O Properties: White crystal powder.Density of anhydrous matter 2.099.Soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol,lost crystal water changes to anhydrate when be heated more 150ºC. Application:...Read More
  • Strontium Carbonate CAS 1633-05-2
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    Strontium Carbonate CAS 1633-05-2

    Strontium Carbonate CAS NO:1633-05-2 Molecular formula:SrCO3 Properties: Colorless crystal,or white fine powder.Relative density 3.70.Melting point 1497ºC.Insoluble in water and it is soluble in hydrochloric acid and nitrate acid,changes to strontium chloride and...Read More
  • Strontium Chloride Anhydrous CAS 10476-85-4
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    Strontium Chloride Anhydrous CAS 10476-85-4

    Strontium Chloride AnhydrousCAS NO:10476-85-4 Molecular formula:SrCl2 Properties: Colorless cubic crystal.Relative density 3.052.Melting point 875ºC,Boiling point 1250ºC.Sealed tightly,avoid moisture. Application: Used for the production of Strontium salt...Read More
  • Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate CAS 10025-70-4
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    Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate CAS 10025-70-4

    Strontium Chloride Hexahydrate CAS NO:10025-70-4 Molecular formula:SrCl2·6H2O Properties: White or colorless hygroscopic needle-like crystal,bitter,Relative density 1.96.Melting point 115ºC.Sealed tightly,avoid moisture. Application: Used to produce high...Read More
  • Strontium Fluoride CAS 7783-48-4
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    Strontium Fluoride CAS 7783-48-4

    Strontium Fluoride CAS NO:7783-48-4 Molecular formula:SrF2 Properties: White powder.Relative density is 4.24.Melting point is 1473ºC.Boiling point is 2489ºC.Soluble in hot hydrochloric acid,insoluble in fluoric acid,ethylalcohol and acetone. Application: Used in the...Read More
  • Strontium Hydroxide CAS 1311-10-0
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    Strontium Hydroxide CAS 1311-10-0

    Strontium Hydroxide CAS NO:1311-10-0 Molecular formula:Sr(OH)2.8H2O Properties:White crystal or white powder,which is easy to deliquescence. Application: Used for producing strontium lubricating wax and all kinds of strontium salts,can also be used to improve the...Read More
  • Strontium Nitrate
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    Strontium Nitrate

    Strontium Nitrate CAS NO. 10042-76-9 Molecular formula: Sr(NO3)2 Properties: White or light yellow cubic crystal, Relative density 2.986. Soluble in water and liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in ethanol and acetone, insoluble in Nitric acid and dilute ethanol. It is one kind...Read More
  • Strontium Oxalate CAS 814-95-9
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    Strontium Oxalate CAS 814-95-9

    Strontium Oxalate CAS NO:814-95-9 Molecular formula:SrC2O4·H2O Properties:White powder.Insoluble in water. Application: Used to produce red fireworks,signal flares,burner inner liner,analytical reagent,optical glass,LCD glass substrate,and fire fighting reagents such as...Read More
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