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  • Sodium Silicate Solution
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    Sodium Silicate Solution

    Sodium Silicate Solution,CAS NO.1344-09-8, Sodium silicate solution is also known as water glass or glass water. The main components are Silica Dioxide(SiO2) and Sodium Oxide(Na2O). It is colorless transparent or light color half-transparent viscous liquid, has good...Read More
  • Sodium Acetate CAS 127-09-3
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    Sodium Acetate CAS 127-09-3

    Sodium Acetate CAS NO:127-09-3 Molecular formula:C2H3NaO2 Properties: White crystalline powder,no odor,with light bitter taste,melting point is 324ºC,relative density is 1.528,easily soluble in water(50g/100ml). Application: Esterifying agent for organic synthesis,used in...Read More
  • Sodium Acetate Trihydrate CAS 6131-90-4
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    Sodium Acetate Trihydrate CAS 6131-90-4

    Sodium Acetate Trihydrate CAS NO:6131-90-4 Molecular formula:C2H3NaO2.3H2O Properties: Colourless transparent crystal .Soluble in water and diethyl ether ,slightly soluble in ethanol. Application: Esterifying agent for organic synthesis,used in...Read More
  • Sodium Bisulfite CAS 7631-90-5
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    Sodium Bisulfite CAS 7631-90-5

    Sodium Bisulfite CAS NO:7631-90-5 Molecular formula:NaHSO3 Properties: White monoclinic crystalline powder with sulfur dioxide odor,relative density:1.49.Very easily soluble in water,slightly soluble in ethanol,aqueous solution is acidic.Pyrolysis,strong reducing...Read More
  • Sodium Bromate CAS 7789-38-0
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    Sodium Bromate CAS 7789-38-0

    Sodium Bromate CAS NO:7789-38-0 Molecular formula:NaBrO3 Properties:White crystalline powder. Application: As a strong oxidant,mainly used as printing and dyeing auxiliary,hair-perm agent,chemical agent,or gold solvent in gold mines when used with sodium bromide....Read More
  • Sodium Bromide CAS 7647-15-6
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    Sodium Bromide CAS 7647-15-6

    Sodium Bromide CAS NO:7647-15-6 Molecular formula:NaBr Properties: White crystal or powder,with salty or bitter taste.Moisture absorption from the air,agglomerated but not deliquescence. Application: Used for making sensitive emulsion of photographic film and for making...Read More
  • Sodium Dichromate CAS 10588-01-9
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    Sodium Dichromate CAS 10588-01-9

    Sodium Dichromate CAS NO:10588-01-9 Molecular formula:Cr2Na2O7 Properties: Orange prism crystal.It is easy to adsorbed moisture and dissolved into water,insoluble in alcohol,having high moisture absorption and strong oxidizability. Application: Mainly used for making...Read More
  • Sodium Fluoaluminate CAS 13775-53-6; 15096-52-3
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    Sodium Fluoaluminate CAS 13775-53-6; 15096-52-3

    Sodium Fluoaluminate Other name:Cryolite CAS NO:13775-53-6;15096-52-3 Molecular formula:Na3AlF6 Properties: Caused by impurity,the appearance can be White,gray,yellow powder or crystalline particles.Melting point is 1025ºC. Application: Used to fluxing agents of...Read More
  • Sodium Fluorosilicate CAS 16893-85-9
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    Sodium Fluorosilicate CAS 16893-85-9

    Sodium Fluorosilicate CAS NO:16893-85-9 Molecular formula:Na2SiF6 Properties:White crystalline powder. Application: Used for insecticide and agglutinant;used in ceramics,glass,enamel,wood preservation,medical,water treatment,leather and rubber fields.,,Read More
  • Sodium Hetametaphosphate CAS 10124-56-8
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    Sodium Hetametaphosphate CAS 10124-56-8

    Sodium Hetametaphosphate CAS NO:10124-56-8 Molecular formula:(NaPO3)6 Properties: White crystal powder,density is 2.484,easily soluble in water,but nearly insoluble in organic solution,it is absorbent to dampness in the air.It easily chelate with metallic ions...Read More
  • Sodium Hypophosphite CAS No.10039-56-2
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    Sodium Hypophosphite CAS No.10039-56-2

    Sodium Hypophosphite,CAS No.10039-56-2, Molecular formula:NaH2PO2·H2O,White crystal,easily absorb moisture and easily soluble in water and alcohol. Application: It is often applied as reductant in non-electrical deposition of nickel(Nickel...Read More
  • Sodium Metabisulfite CAS 7681-57-4
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    Sodium Metabisulfite CAS 7681-57-4

    Sodium Metabisulfite CAS NO:7681-57-4 Molecular formula:Na2S2O5 Properties: White or light yellow crystal powder,a strong smell of sulfur dioxide,relative density is 1.4,easy to dissolve in water and glycerin,slightly dissolve in ethanol. Application: Industry...Read More
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