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  • Nickel Acetate CAS 6018-89-9
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    Nickel Acetate CAS 6018-89-9

    Nickel Acetate CAS NO:6018-89-9 Molecular formula:Ni(CH3COO)2.4H2O Properties:Green crystal or crystalline powder.Deliquescent,soluble in water and ethanol. Application:Used for catalysts,electroplating and mordant.Read More
  • Nickel Carbonate CAS 3333-67-3
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    Nickel Carbonate CAS 3333-67-3

    Nickel Carbonate CAS NO:3333-67-3 Molecular formula:NiCO3 Properties:Palegreen powder,soluble in dilute acid,insoluble in water. Application: Used in manufacture of other nickel salt,nickel catalyst,pigment and additive of ceramics and electroplating nickel.Read More
  • Nickel Chloride CAS 7718-54-9
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    Nickel Chloride CAS 7718-54-9

    Nickel Chloride CAS NO:7718-54-9 Molecular formula:NiCl2.6H2O Properties:Green crystals.Specific gravity of 1.921.Soluble in water and ethanol,deliquescent in moist air. Application:Used for electroplating,antiseptic,ammonia absorbent and other chemicals.Read More
  • Nickel Nitrate CAS 13478-00-7
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    Nickel Nitrate CAS 13478-00-7

    Nickel Nitrate CAS NO:13478-00-7 Molecular formula:Ni(NO3)2.6H2O Properties: Light green monoclinic crystal.Easily dissolves in water,liquid ammonia,aqueous ammonia and ethanol,and slightly in propanone.Combustion and explosion occurs when mixes with organic compounds....Read More
  • Nickel Sulfaminate CAS 13770-89-3
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    Nickel Sulfaminate CAS 13770-89-3

    Nickel Sulfaminate CAS NO:13770-89-3 Molecular formula:Ni(SO3NH2)2.4H2O Properties:Grass green crystal powder. Application:Used in electroplating and electrotyping.Read More
  • Nickel Sulfate CAS 10101-97-0
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    Nickel Sulfate CAS 10101-97-0

    Nickel Sulfate CAS NO:10101-97-0 Molecular formula:NiSO4.6H2O Properties:Green cubic crystal,dissolve in water,slightly dissolve in acid and aqueous ammonia. Application: Mainly used in Electroplating,nickel-cadmium battery,organic synthesis,also used as catalyst in...Read More
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