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  • Cobalt Carbonate CAS 513-79-1
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    Cobalt Carbonate CAS 513-79-1

    Cobalt Carbonate CAS NO:513-79-1 Molecular formula:CoCO3 Properties:Pink powder,soluble in dilute acid or ammonia,insoluble in cold water,in the hot water decomposition. Application:Used for manufacturing Cobalt salt,cobalt dye,feed and porcelain color,etc.Read More
  • Cobalt Chloride CAS 7791-13-1
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    Cobalt Chloride CAS 7791-13-1

    Cobalt Chloride CAS NO:7791-13-1 Molecular formula:CoCl2·6H2O Properties:Red monoclinic crystal,specific gravity 1.924.Soluble in water,soluble in ethanol,ether and acetone. Application: Mainly used for paint drier,the ammonia gas absorption,gas mask,dry wet...Read More
  • Cobalt Hydroxide CAS 21041-93-0
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    Cobalt Hydroxide CAS 21041-93-0

    Cobalt Hydroxide CAS NO:21041-93-0 Molecular formula:CoH2O2 Properties: Rosy powder,specific gravity 3.597,soluble in acid and ammonium salt solution,insoluble in water and alkali.It reacts with organic acids to form cobalt soap. Application: Used for manufacture cobalt...Read More
  • Cobalt Oxide CAS 1307-96-6
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    Cobalt Oxide CAS 1307-96-6

    Cobalt Oxide Other name:Cobalt Monoxide,Cobaltous oxide,Cobalt(II)oxide CAS NO:1307-96-6 Molecular formula:CoO Properties:Dark brown or black powder,insoluble in water and ethanol. Application:Used for electromagnetic,pigment,semiconductor,battery industry. Specification:Read More
  • Cobalt (III) Oxide CAS 1308-04-9
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    Cobalt (III) Oxide CAS 1308-04-9

    Cobalt(III)Oxide Other name:Cobalt(III)Oxide Black CAS NO:1308-04-9 Molecular formula:Co2O3 Properties:Black powder. Application: Mainly used in magnetic materials,electronic components materials,carbide materials,enamel color porcelain glaze,ceramic,porcelain,glass,co...Read More
  • Cobalt (II,III) Oxide CAS 1308-06-1
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    Cobalt (II,III) Oxide CAS 1308-06-1

    Cobalt(II,III)Oxide Other name:Cobalt Tetroxide,Cobalto-cobaltic oxide , Tricobalt tetroxide CAS NO:1308-06-1 Molecular formula:Co3O4 Properties:Black powder. Application:Mainly used in battery industry,also used cobalt salt and enamel. Specification:Read More
  • Cobalt Sulphate CAS 10026-24-1
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    Cobalt Sulphate CAS 10026-24-1

    Cobalt Sulphate Other name:Cobalt sulfate heptahydrate CAS NO:10026-24-1 Molecular formula:CoSO4·7H2O Properties:Tan red crystals,soluble in water and methanol,slightly soluble in ethanol,easy weathering in the air. Application:Used in the manufacture of cobalt...Read More
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