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  • Cesium Carbonate CAS 534-17-8
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    Cesium Carbonate CAS 534-17-8

    Cesium Carbonate CAS NO:534-17-8 Molecular formula:Cs2CO3 Properties: White crystal powder.Extremely easy deliquescence,easily soluble in water and alcohol,soluble in ether. Application: Used as the raw materials for making kinds of Cesium salts.Also,it can be used to...Read More
  • Cesium Chloride CAS 7647-17-8
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    Cesium Chloride CAS 7647-17-8

    Cesium Chloride CAS NO:7647-17-8 Molecular formula:CsCl Properties: White cub crystal.Easily deliquescence,easily soluble in water,soluble in alcohol,insoluble in acetone.Sublimation at 1290ºC,specific gravity is3.99,Melting point 646ºC,Boiling point 1303ºC. Application:...Read More
  • Cesium Fluoride CAS 13400-13-0
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    Cesium Fluoride CAS 13400-13-0

    Cesium Fluoride CAS NO:13400-13-0 Molecular formula:CsF Properties: White powder,deliquescence.Melting point 682ºC,Solubility 367g/100g water(at 18ºC). Application: Used as the raw materials for making kinds of Cesium salts. Specification: Packing:25KG fiber drum.Read More
  • Cesium Hydroxide CAS 35103-79-8
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    Cesium Hydroxide CAS 35103-79-8

    Cesium Hydroxide CAS NO:35103-79-8 Molecular formula:CsOH Properties: White crystal,deliquescence,soluble in water,alcohol and ether. Application: Used as the raw materials for making kinds of Cesium salts.Also used for glass and ceramics industries. Specification:...Read More
  • Cesium Iodide CAS 7789-17-5
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    Cesium Iodide CAS 7789-17-5

    Cesium Iodide CAS NO:7789-17-5 Molecular formula:CsI Properties: White cubic crystal or powder.Easily soluble in water and alcohol.Specific gravity is 4.5,Melting point 621ºC,Boiling point 1280ºC,Solubility 74g/100g water(at 20ºC). Application: Used in X-ray image...Read More
  • Cesium Nitrate CAS 7789-18-6
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    Cesium Nitrate CAS 7789-18-6

    Cesium Nitrate CAS NO:7789-18-6 Molecular formula:CsNO3 Properties: White glossy hexagonal or cubic prism,oxidizing.Soluble in water and acetone,slightly soluble in alcohol.Specific gravity 3.685,Melting point 414ºC,explosion under high-temperature or strong impact....Read More
  • Cesium Sulphate CAS 10294-54-9
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    Cesium Sulphate CAS 10294-54-9

    Cesium Sulphate CAS NO:10294-54-9 Molecular formula:Cs2SO4 Properties: White crystal granules.Soluble in water,insoluble in alcohol and acetone.Melting point 1010ºC,Water solubility 64.1%at 20ºC,68.8%at 100ºC. Application: Analytical reagent,analysis of trace...Read More
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