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  • Cadmium Carbonate CAS 513-78-0
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    Cadmium Carbonate CAS 513-78-0

    Cadmium Carbonate CAS NO:513-78-0 Molecular formula:CdCO3 Properties:White powder,insoluble in water and organic solvent;Soluble in acid and ammonium salt. Application: As an intermediate used in ethylene,booster solvent of glass coloring,insulated material,catalyzer of...Read More
  • Cadmium Chloride Hydrate CAS 7790-78-5
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    Cadmium Chloride Hydrate CAS 7790-78-5

    Cadmium Chloride Hydrate CAS NO:7790-78-5 Molecular formula:CdCl2.2.5H2O Properties: White or colorless monoclinic crystal.Easily dissolves in water,slightly soluble in alcohol,insoluble in ether.Toxic. Application: As a agentia used in photographic paper and...Read More
  • Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate CAS10022-68-1
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    Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate CAS10022-68-1

    Cadmium Nitrate Tetrahydrate CAS NO:10022-68-1 Molecular formula:Cd(NO3)2.4H2O Properties: It is a transparent rhombus,acicular crystal.Soluble in water,alcohol,liquid ammonia and propanone.Deliquesce in air. Application: Used for catalyzer,battery...Read More
  • Cadmium Sulfate Octahydrate CAS 7790-84-3
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    Cadmium Sulfate Octahydrate CAS 7790-84-3

    Cadmium Sulfate Octahydrate CAS NO:7790-84-3 Molecular formula:3CdSO4.8H2O Properties: Colorless or whiter crystals,Soluble in water or ethanol.When heated above 160°C,it will become anhydrous substance and insoluble in ethanol. Application: Used in making Cd...Read More
  • Calcium Fluoride CAS 7789-75-5
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    Calcium Fluoride CAS 7789-75-5

    Calcium Fluoride CAS No.:7789-75-5 Molecular formula:CaF2 Properties: white or colorless crystalline powder,melting point 1423°C,relative density 3.18. Application: 1.It is the main material to produce the fluorine and fluoride.It is used in the production of...Read More
  • Calcium Peroxide CAS1305-79-9
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    Calcium Peroxide CAS1305-79-9

    Calcium Peroxide CAS NO:1305-79-9 Molecular formula:CaO2 Properties:Calcium Peroxide is a fine,pale yellow,odorless powder,Poorly soluble in water,Very microscopic solubility in water,slow sustained release oxygen with In humid air or water.It is storage stable under...Read More
  • Calcium Titanate CAS12049-50-2
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    Calcium Titanate CAS12049-50-2

    Calcium Titanate CAS NO:12049-50-2 Molecular formula:CaTiO3 Application: As a basic dielectric formulated materials,Calcium Titanate is widely applied to the field of Capacitor,PTC,Filter,Microwave Antenna,Stainless steel welding rod. Physical Properties: Chemical...Read More
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