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  • Lithium Bromide Solution CAS 7550-35-8
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    Lithium Bromide Solution CAS 7550-35-8

    Lithium Bromide Solution,CAS NO.7550-35-8,50-55% content, colorless or yellow transparent liquid. Used for air conditioning refrigerant.50KG Plastic drum, with pallet.Read More
  • Silica Sol CAS 112926-00-8
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    Silica Sol CAS 112926-00-8

    Silica Sol,CAS NO.112926-00-8,is a kind of colloid which is formed by nm-grade particles SiO2,dispersed in water. It has high bonding strength and high heat-resisting performance (1500-1600℃), used as the adhesive agent for various fireproof materials....Read More
  • Alumina For Heat Conduction Purpose
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    Alumina For Heat Conduction Purpose

    We supply Alumina for Heat Conduction Purpose with the high spherical ratio, high thermal conductivity and good wear resistance. The quality has been verified by our customers.Read More
  • Multiple Channel Micro-Nano Alumina
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    Multiple Channel Micro-Nano Alumina

    Independent research and development of the International initiative Multiple Channel Micro-Nano AluminaRead More
  • Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate
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    Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate

    Strontium Acetate Hemihydrate CAS NO.14692-29-6 Molecular formula: SrC4H6O4 · 1 / 2 H2O Properties: White crystal powder. Content: 99.2% min. Application: Used in medicine (anthelmintic), also used as chemical reagent, or used in the manufacturing of high-grade strontium salt...Read More
  • Silica Sol
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    Silica Sol

    We are a manufacturer of silica sol and have more than 20 years of production experience.Read More
  • Lithium Bromide Solution
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    Lithium Bromide Solution

    Lithium Bromide solution factory,50%-55% Lithium Bromide Solution as a absorb refrigerant used for Large scale refrigeration system.Read More
  • Barium Peroxide
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    Barium Peroxide

    Barium Peroxide, CAS NO.1304-29-6,99.0%,white or grey-white powder. Molecular formula BaO2.Mainly used in manufacture of barium salts, used as oxidant, bleacher, mordant, aluminum matrix igniter. Also, it used to manufacture fireworks because of it glows bright green light...Read More
  • Strontium Nitrate CAS 10042-76-9
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    Strontium Nitrate CAS 10042-76-9

    Strontium Nitrate,CAS NO.10042-76-9, Sr(NO3)2 content 99.0% min.White or light yellow cubic crystal,Used to produce red fireworks,signal flares,burner inner liner,analytical reagent,optical glass,LCD glass substrate,and fire fighting reagents such as aerosol,cathode material...Read More
  • Sodium Silicate Solution
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    Sodium Silicate Solution

    Sodium Silicate Solution,CAS NO.1344-09-8, Sodium silicate solution is also known as water glass or glass water. The main components are Silica Dioxide(SiO2) and Sodium Oxide(Na2O). It is colorless transparent or light color half-transparent viscous liquid, has good...Read More
  • Potassium Perchlorate
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    Potassium Perchlorate

    Potassium Perchlorate, CAS NO.7778-74-7,99.0% min. Molecular formula: KClO4,White crystal powder.Used in the manufacture of firecracker, fireworks, safety match, explosive, signal flare, etc. Used for Pharmaceutical Industry as antipyretic, diuretic and other drugs...Read More
  • Lithium Chloride
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    Lithium Chloride

    Lihtium Chloride, CAS No.7447-41-8,White cub crystal or powder,99% min,It is a raw material for preparation of lithium metal, used as welding flux for aluminum and moisturizing agent for air-condition and producing special cement.Read More
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