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Food and Feed Additives

  • Nonivamide (PAVA) CAS 2444-46-4 99%
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    Nonivamide (PAVA) CAS 2444-46-4 99%

    Nonivamide(PAVA,Pelargonyl Vanillylamide,Synthetic capsaicin), CAS No.2444-46-4,C17H27NO3. PAVA produced by chemcial synthesis mothods. Purity(HPLC) 95%/98%/99%/99.5%.Read More
  • Feed Grade Spirulina Powder
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    Feed Grade Spirulina Powder

    Spirulina powder is a comprehensive, balanced, easily absorbed and pure natural nourishment and an ideal feed additive. Feed grade Spirulina powder is widely used in aquaculture for fish, shrimp, crabs and baits. 1. Spirulina powder is small, can be used as the open feed for...Read More
  • Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2
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    Xanthan Gum CAS 11138-66-2

    Xanthan Gum, CAS NO.11138-66-2, Light yellowish-brown powder. Its applications cover a broad spectrum and range from the food industry to oil drilling. As a rheology control agent in aqueous systems and as a...Read More
  • Dextran 40 CAS 9004-54-0
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    Dextran 40 CAS 9004-54-0

    Dextran 40, CAS NO.9004-54-0, White powder, according to CP,USP,BPand EP standard. Mainly used to the production of Dextran 40 injection, compound dextran injection and other dextran derivative. It can also be used as fillers and excipients in lyophilized powder preparation.Read More
  • Fumaric Acid
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    Fumaric Acid

    Fumaric acid for Food Additives, meets FCC and USP standard.Read More
  • Xanthan Gum
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    Xanthan Gum

    We are one of the best manufacturer of Xanthan gum in China.We can supply Various grade Xanthan gum, like Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade, Oilfield Grade and Industry Grade.Read More
  • Dextran 40
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    Dextran 40

    Dextran 40 supplier with good quality.Read More
  • Glycerol Monostearate CAS NO.31566-31-1
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    Glycerol Monostearate CAS NO.31566-31-1

    Glycerol monostearate, CAS NO.31566-31-1 ; 123-94-4,C21H42O4,Milky white or light yellow waxy solid.Synonyms: Glyceryl monostearate Glycerine monostearate; GMS.Used in food, cosmetics as emulsifier and surfactant, in transparent PVC aggregate as a lubricant.Read More
  • Spirulina Powder (Feed Grade)
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    Spirulina Powder (Feed Grade)

    Spirulina Powder(Feed Grade) is an original organisms rich in vegetable protein,vitamins,unsaturated fatty acid and natural pigment.Spirulina powder contains rich nutrients,including water-soluble proteins,γ-linolenic acid(natural unsaturated fatty...Read More
  • Dextran CAS No.9004-54-0
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    Dextran CAS No.9004-54-0

    Dextran,CAS NO.9004-54-0, white powder,odourless,tasteless. It can increase plasma capacity, maintain blood pressure, improve microcirculation, prevent thrombosis and antishock.Read More
  • Xanthan Gum CAS NO: 11138-66-2
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    Xanthan Gum CAS NO: 11138-66-2

    Xanthan Gum,CAS NO.11138-66-2,Off-white or Light beige powder.Wide application,used in food, pet food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, industrial, oil drilling, etc.According to the different applications, Xanthan gum have Food Grade, Cosmetic Grade, Oilfield Grade and Industry Grade.Read More
  • Nonivamide CAS No. 2444-46-4
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    Nonivamide CAS No. 2444-46-4

    Nonivamide,CAS No.2444-46-4,99.5%, Synonyms: Capsaicin, Synthetic; Synthetic Capsaicin; N-Vanillylnonanamide ; Pelargonyl Vanillylamide; PAVA. White or off-white powder. Nonivamide is a synthetic compound with similar natural capsaicin biological functions.The synthetic...Read More
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